Aaron Barker



AARON BARKER spent the better part of two decades in a band that performed at military bases and public events across the U.S.  During long stretches on the bus he began experimenting with writing songs.  His first attempt, “Baby Blue,” was recorded by George Strait and topped the country chart in Billboard.  Aaron soon began performing his original material in small clubs and cafes.  One night after a long father-son talk he wrote “Love Without End, Amen.”  Once again his song was recorded by George Strait and topped the country chart.  After that, more Strait hits followed:  “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “I’d Like To Have That One Back,” “I Know She Still Loves Me” and “I Can Still Make Cheyenne.”  Aaron’s hits with other artists include “Not Enough Hours In The Night” by Doug Supernaw, “Watch This” and “You’re Beginning To Get To Me” by Clay Walker and “What About Now” by Lonestar.  Aaron is also the writer and singer of many radio and television commercials for the Blue Bell Ice Cream Company, including “Have Yourself A Blue Bell Country Day” and “The Good Ol’ Days.”  In 2007 he was inducted into the Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Curent Releases

"Suffer In Peace" - Tyler Farr

“Christmas Cookies”  - Duck The Halls Duck Dynasty

“Best Seat In The House” – LoCash Cowboys LoCash Cowboys

“I’m Gonna Lie”- Indy Philip Claypool



"Baby Blue" - If You Ain't Lovin', You Ain't Livin'/ 50 # 1's* George Strait

"Love Without End, Amen" - Livin' It Up/Ten Strait Hits/50 # 1's* George Strait

"Easy Come, Easy Go" - Easy Come, Easy Go/50 #1's* George Strait
Hot, Country, & Single - Dean Dillon

"I'd Like To Have That One Back" - Easy Come, Easy Go/Strait Out Of The Box* George Strait
Denium Dancin - Country Dance Kings

"Not Enough Hours In The Night" - You Still Got Me/90's Hot Country* Doug Supernaw

"I Know She Still Loves Me" - Strait Out Of The Box/Platinum Country* George Strait

"I Can Still Make Cheyenne" - Blue Clear Sky/Latest, Greatest, Straitest, Hits/50 #1's* George Strait

"Watch This" - Rumor Has It/Clay Walkers' Greatest Hits* Clay Walker

"You're Beginning To Get To Me" - Clay Walker's Greatest Hits/Male Country Hits, Vol 310* Clay Walker

"What About Now" - Lonely Grill - Lonestar
Let's Get Loud - Kelly Atkin / Today's Best Country - Hit Crew


Top 20 Singles
"I'm Leaving" - What This Country Needs Aaron Tippin
Male Country Hits, Vol 325 Studio Musicians
"Love Happens Like That" - Be Good At It / Country Hits, Vol 97 / Super Hits Neal McCoy

"Dallas Mornin' Blues" - Ven Mi Amor Ram Herrera

"You'll Find Somebody New" - Ty England / Cass & 7" Singles Ty England

"Christmas Cookies" - Target A Country Christmas 1999 / Strait Christmas Cookies George Strait
The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Cookies Oak Ridge Boys

"You"- Lookin' For Trouble Damon Gray

"Honky Tonkin' Fool" - Red & Rio Grand/Encore Collection/Country's Rising Star Doug Supernaw

"More Like December" - That Just About Covers It Rich McCready

Album Cuts
“That’s Just How We Do Things”, “The Way She Said Goodbye”, “Wow” – Somethin About A Sunday Ira Dean
"A Girl Like You" - Strong Stuff Pete Schlegel
"A Little Bit Stronger" - Stronger Sonny Burgess
"The Questionnaire" - Strong Tracy Lawrence
“Proud to Be Here” - Proud To Be Here Trace Adkins
"Good Run" - Country Is My Rock Trent Tomlinson
"Is It Already Time" - Chill Of An Early Fall George Strait
Taste Of Freedom Aaron Barker
"One Less Tornado" - Horsepower Chris LeDoux
"This Darn Pen" - 50 Years Of Makin' Music Willie Nelson & Charlie Louvin
Live In Holland Charlie Louvin
"The World Is Flat" - Taste Of Freedom Aaron Barker
Aspen Extreme (Movie)
"Down Louisiana Way" - Lead On George Strait
I'll Be There Howie Reed
I Never Go Around Mirrors Whitey Shafer
"I'll Always Be Lovin' You" - Lead On George Strait
"I'd Just As Soon Go" - Blue Clear Sky George Strait
"Peace Of Mind" - Always Never The Same George Strait
"An Old Time Christmas" - Merry Christmas Wherever You Are George Strait
"Could I Ask You Not To Dance" - Say No More Clay Walker
"Fast Water" / "What Love Has To Say"/ "No Sleep Tonight" - Taste Of Freedom Aaron Barker
"Your Old Stomping Grounds" - Taste Of Freedom Aaron Barker
We Are One Sandy Samples
"I'll Get All The Sleep I Need" / "Daytime Honky Tonkin'" - Straight From The Horses Mouth
Aaron Barker & Curtis Wayne
"Not In This Life" - David Harrington David Harrington
"So Far" - So Far K.C. Williams
"Being Loved Like This" - Something I Dreamed Jason Allen
"When It's Love" / "Imagine That"- Casey Lee Green Casey Lee Green

Other Singles

"Let Me Love Again" - Hey, Do You Know Me Lisa Brokop

"Angel's Like Her" -  Country Is My Rock Trent Tomlinson

"I Just Came In Here To Have A Good Time" - Hot, Country, & Single Dean Dillon

"The Taste Of Freedom" - Taste Of Freedom Aaron Barker

"What A Friday Night Is For" - What A Friday Night Is For Jessica Boucher
Straight From The Horses Mouth Aaron Barker & Curtis Wayne

"Terrible Two's" - Lookin' For Trouble Damon Gray

"I'm A Cowboy" - Dorkfish Bill Engvall